Destiny 2 Legend & Master Lost Sector Guide and Rotation Schedule (Season 18)

Destiny 2 Legend & Master Lost Sector Guide and Rotation Schedule (Season 18)

The Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 are secret locations in the map that were first introduced in Year 1. Bungie introduced Legend and Master versions of certain Lost Sectors since the Beyond Light expansion. Legend and Master Lost Sectors are a primary source for Exotic armor drops, prioritizing the ones that players have not yet unlocked in their collections.

Here is the Legend and Master Lost Sector rotation for the month of November until the end of Season 18 on December 6, 2022. The areas are spread across three in-game destinations, but this chart will help you prepare your loadout for special enemies called Champions.

The Legend and Master Lost Sectors rotate during every daily reset (10 am PST or 5 pm UCT). The reward type, Champions, elemental burn, and enemy shield types also change each day.

Lost Sectors can are marked on the map with an icon. You must complete a Lost Sector at least once to unlock its Legend and Master versions. Otherwise, the activity will not appear on your map during the daily rotation. The icon may also not appear on the map if your power level is below the current season’s soft cap, which is 1560 this season.

Legend vs Master Lost Sectors

In terms of rewards, both Legend and Master Lost Sectors are farmable for Exotic items only if you clear them solo. Defeating all Champions increases the chances of getting better loot. The Exotic drop rate is not affected by the number of times you died and how fast you cleared the activity. Here are the major differences between the two:

DifficultyLevel RequiredExotic Drop RateRadar

There will also be more Champions in Master compared to Legend Lost Sectors. Aside from the Chaff modifier which disables your radar, all other mission modifiers are enabled for both difficulties.

Lost Sector Rotation (November 1 to 30)

= Barrier
= Overload
= Unstoppable

DateLost SectorDestinationArmorChampionsElemental BurnEnemy Shields
Nov. 1 (Tue)K1 Crew QuartersMoonLegs
Nov. 2 (Wed)K1 LogisticsMoonArms
Nov. 3 (Thu)K1 CommunionMoonChest
Nov. 4 (Fri)Skydock IVEDZHead
Nov. 5 (Sat)Scavenger’s DenEDZLegs
Nov. 6 (Sun)The QuarryEDZArms
Nov. 7 (Mon)Excavation Site XIIEDZChest
Nov. 8 (Tue)Concealed VoidEuropaHead
Nov. 9 (Wed)Bunker E15EuropaLegs
Nov. 10 (Thu)PerditionEuropaArms
Nov. 11 (Fri)The ConfluxNessusChest
Nov. 12 (Sat)K1 Crew QuartersMoonHead
Nov. 13 (Sun)K1 LogisticsMoonLegs
Nov. 14 (Mon)K1 CommunionMoonArms
Nov. 15 (Tue)Skydock IVEDZChest
Nov. 16 (Wed)Scavenger’s DenEDZHead
Nov. 17 (Thu)The QuarryEDZLegs
Nov. 18 (Fri)Excavation Site XIIEDZArms
Nov. 19 (Sat)Concealed VoidEuropaChest
Nov. 20 (Sun)Bunker E15EuropaHead
Nov. 21 (Mon)PerditionEuropaLegs
Nov. 22 (Tue)The ConfluxNessusArms
Nov. 23 (Wed)K1 Crew QuartersMoonChest
Nov. 24 (Thu)K1 LogisticsMoonHead
Nov. 25 (Fri)K1 CommunionMoonLegs
Nov. 26 (Sat)Skydock IVEDZArms
Nov. 27 (Sun)Scavenger’s DenEDZChest
Nov. 28 (Mon)The QuarryEDZHead
Nov. 29 (Tue)Excavation Site XIIEDZLegs
Nov. 30 (Wed)Concealed VoidEuropaArms
Dec. 1 (Thu)Bunker E15EuropaChest
Dec. 2 (Fri)PerditionEuropaHead
Dec. 3 (Sat)The ConfluxNessusLegs
Dec. 4 (Thu)K1 Crew QuartersMoonArms
Dec. 5 (Fri)K1 LogisticsMoonChest
Dec. 6 (Sat)K1 CommunionMoonHead

How to Defeat Champions in Destiny 2

Champions are unique versions of major enemies, the ones that have yellow-colored health bars. They are divided between Barrier () , Overload (), and Unstoppable () based on the enemy type. Barrier Champions activate a shield that increases their health regeneration and can only be pierced by Anti-Barrier weapons. Overload Champions teleport a lot and have faster health regeneration standard major enemies. Stun them with an Overload weapon or grenade to increase the damage they take. Finally, the Unstoppable Champions hit harder than the others and will keep charging at you. They are very resistant to weapon damage unless staggered by an Unstoppable weapon or melee attack.

Make sure to equip the right anti-Champion mods before starting a Legend or Master Lost Sector because your loadout will be locked throughout the entire activity. These mods can be acquired from the Seasonal Artifact, which is the Skeleton Key in Season of Plunder. The anti-Champion mods can be equipped only on specific weapon types, which rotates every season. There are also certain seasonal mods that give anti-Champion perks to your grenade and charged melee attack.

Here are the weapon mods available for Season of Plunder:

ChampionSeasonal ModEquip onAffected GearEnergy Cost
Anti-Barrier Auto RifleArmsAll auto rifles1
Anti-Barrier Sniper RifleArmsAll sniper rifles6
Overload BowArmsBows*1
Overload Machine GunArmsMachine guns*1
Inferno Whip Helmet Solar Melee Attack2
Unstoppable Pulse RifleArmsAll pulse rifles1
Unstoppable ShotgunArmsAll shotguns3
Surge Detonators Class ItemArc Grenade2

* Some Exotic items have built-in mods that do not stack with seasonal anti-champion mods.

Exotic NameGear TypeIntrinsic ModHow to activate
ArbalestLinear Fusion RifleAim down sight
Eriana’s Vow Hand CannonAim down sight
Lament SwordCharge up the sword using before attacking
Second ChanceTitan ArmsCast a Shield Throw melee attack
Wish-EnderBowAim down sight
Divinity Trace RifleAim down sight
Le Monarque BowAim down sight
Secant FilamentsWarlock BootsCast an Empowering Rift and stand on it
Thunderlord Machine GunAim down sight
Athyr’s EmbraceHunter GauntletsCast Weighted Knife melee attack
Bastion Linear Fusion RifleAim down sight
Devil’s Ruin Hand CannonAim down sight
Leviathan’s Breath BowAim down sight
MalfeasanceHand CannonAim down sight

What is Elemental Burn in Destiny 2

Elemental burn is simply an activity modifier that increases the damage given and taken by Guardians using a subclass. Currently, only three our of the four subclasses have elemental burn modifiers in Legend and Master Lost Sectors. These are Solar (), Arc (), and Void ().

Take advantage of this daily modifier to deal an extra 50% damage to your enemies. Keep in mind that you will receive 50% more damage incoming elemental burn damage as well. Equip damage resistance mods in your Chest armor piece to reduce incoming elemental damage from your enemies.

Enemy Shields in Legend and Master Lost Sectors

Do not underestimate the enemy shields in high level content such as Legend and Master Lost Sectors. Damaging a shielded enemy with a weapon of the wrong element will cause minimal damage. Shield matching is important during this activity because you only have a limited number of revives, which can be increased by defeating enemy Champions.

Here are some tips on dealing with shielded enemies:

  1. Equip an energy or power weapon that has the same element as a the shielded enemies in a Legend or Master Lost Sector.
  2. Hardlight is an Exotic auto rifle in the energy slot that can switch its damage type between Solar, Arc, and Void. This weapon is a good choice if the current Lost Sector has Barrier Champions and if the current season has the Anti-Barrier Auto Rifle mod.
  3. Weapons that have the Adaptive Munitions perk adjust well to unmatched enemy shields. However, the stagger effect will not trigger. These weapons are useful in Lost Sectors with more than one shield type if you prefer not to use Hardlight.
  4. Use armor mods that increase the cooldown of your grenade and melee abilities. Then, equip a subclass that matches the enemy shields.

Bonus Tip: Exotic Engram Exploit

If your inventory is full of engrams (Prime, Umbral, etc.), any Exotic engrams you receive from Legend or Master Lost Sectors will be moved to the postmaster. Let’s say the current day’s reward is an Exotic Helmet but you want to farm an Chest piece instead. If the Lost Sector is easy to farm and you get lucky with RNG, collect as many Exotic engrams in the postmaster. These will not disappear during daily or weekly resets, so keep the engrams and open them when Chest rewards are back in the current Lost Sector rotation. This exploit is best done for “easy” Lost Sectors like Bunker E-15 and Skydock IV.

Destiny 2 is a first-person looter shooter game developed and published by Bungie. It is currently in its fourth year, kicked off by the launch of the Witch Queen expansion in February 2022. The game has also been following a seasonal model every three months. The current season entitled Season of the Plunder started on August 23 and will end on December 6.

Note: The Destiny 2 icons used in this article were borrowed from

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