How to Get Forsaken Ciphers in Destiny 2

How to Get Forsaken Ciphers in Destiny 2

This short guide will teach Destiny 2 players how and where to unlock three Forsaken Ciphers that they can use to acquire Exotic gear.

Bungie announced last October that the Forsaken Campaign will be free for all until it enters the Destiny Content Vault (DCV) on February 22, 2022. That is the same date that the Witch Queen DLC will be released on all platforms. To help players complete their Year 2 Exotic collection, Bungie introduced a new type of in-game currency called Forsaken Ciphers.

What are Forsaken Ciphers?

Destiny 2: Forsaken Campaign is free for all players until February 22, 2022. The Forsaken Pack is available for purchase.

Forsaken Ciphers are tokens that will instantly unlock any Year 2 Exotic in the archive except for the ones from the Raids and Dungeons.

How to Get Forsaken Ciphers?

If you already own the Forsaken DLC before December 7th then you’re in luck. You get three Forsaken Ciphers for free! Otherwise, you have to buy the Destiny 2: Forsaken Pack to get them. The campaign might be free until February 22nd next year, but sadly, the Exotics are not.

Where Do You Claim Your Ciphers?

Go to the Tower. Interact with the Monument to Lost Lights—also known as the Exotic Archive or simply the kiosk—near the Vaults.

The Exotic Archive is also known as the Monument to Lost Lights. This is where players can redeem Exotics from past Destiny 2 expansions.

From there you will find all the Exotic weapons from the Destiny 2’s past expansions.

The Exotic Archive in Destiny 2 contains all Exotic gear from Years 1-3 that are no longer obtainable through their original quests.

Select the gold tab with the Forsaken logo. Here you will find all the Exotic weapons from Destiny 2 Year 2 (Seasons 4-7) that cannot be unlocked through their original quests because of the DCV. These include the following:

  • Ace of Spades (hand cannon)
  • The Last Word (hand cannon)
  • Le Monarque (bow)
  • Jotunn (fusion rifle)
  • Izanagi’s Burden (sniper rifle)
  • Thorn (hand cannon)
  • Lumina (hand cannon)
  • Truth (rocket launcher)
  • Bad Juju (pulse rifle)

The following Year 2 Exotics in the kiosk are not unlockable using Forsaken Ciphers because they require Spoils of Conquest:

  • Anarchy (grenade launcher)
  • Tarrabah (submachine gun)
  • Always On Time (sparrow)
The Forsaken Cipher is used to unlock Destiny 2 Year 2 Exotics from the archive, except for the ones requiring Spoils of Conquest.

The Forsaken Ciphers will also be found here if you already own the DLC or have recently bought the Forsaken Pack.

How to use Your Ciphers?

Choose any eligible Year 2 Exotic that you have not yet unlocked and you will acquire it instantly for the price of one Forsaken Cipher. You only get three tokens, so you have to spend planetary resources and glimmer for the others.

The Forsaken Ciphers in Destiny 2 can be exchanged for Ascendant Shards if the player already unlocked all eligible Exotics from Year 2.

If you already have all the Year 2 Exotics unlocked, you can use your Ciphers to buy Ascendant Shards instead. At least the tokens won’t go to waste!

What’s Next for Destiny 2: Forsaken?

Bungie confirmed that the Forsaken Campaign will enter the DCV once Witch Queen arrives. There, it will join the three legacy campaigns—Red War, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind—that were vaulted at the start of Year 4.

Forsaken is one of the best campaigns that Destiny 2 has to offer. The final story mission is also currently the only source for the Cayde-6’s legendary sparrow, the Gambler’s Palm. Check out this guide on how to farm for this sparrow if it’s not yet in your collection.

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