About Me

About Me

Jason is the founder of VGF. Aside from gaming, he also likes reading, cookies & cream, and dogs.

Hello there.

Video Game Fortress (VGF) is a digital library of reviewsguides, and news updates for PC video games that I put some hours in.

It doesn’t matter if the game is old, new, AAA, indie, whatever. Expect 100% honestobjective feedback from yours truly.

Why did I make VGF?

I have been playing video games since 2002. The moment I touched a mouse with my right hand and a keyboard on the left, I knew that gaming was going to be my passion. Since then, I’ve explored every gaming genre available—MMORPGs, Real-time Strategy, visual novels, you name it. 

Gaming can be frustrating at times because you spend a lot of time looking up solutions for glitches and errors. Maybe you just need help passing a level that you’re stuck on. Or you want to tweak the controls a bit to enjoy the game more.

It can be hard to find trustworthy guides these days since so much information has become outdated, misleading, or unnecessary. So one day, I decided to write them myself to help my fellow gamers.

What does VGF have that other gaming websites do not?

I will never waste your time. My guides are structured in a way that you will easily understand what to do. Also, my news articles and reviews will emphasize the most relevant information about video games.

The sooner you find the fix to your problem, the sooner you can go back to playing your game.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you help me support this passion project of mine.