How to Unlock Extra Outfits in Propnight

How to Unlock Extra Outfits in Propnight

This guide will teach you how to unlock extra outfits in Propnight by typing secret codes in-game. These outfits can be equipped by either the Killer or the Survivors.

List of active codes

Make sure to check this list regularly in case more secret codes will be added in the future.

Code: 2022105761

This code unlocks the Little Tigress outfit for Taiga (survivor).

Code: 23456

This code unlocks the Puppet outfit for Impostor (killer).

Code: 6641

Use this code to get the Bear outfit for Igor (killer).

Code: 0312

Type this code to activate the Baseball Star outfit for Taiga (survivor).

How to redeem the codes

  • You must be at the main menu before you type the number combinations.
  • Use the number keys on your keyboard, not the ones on your numpad.
In Propnight, you can either play as a survivor and transform into different objects, or hunt them down as the killer.

Propnight is a multiplayer game created by FNTASTIC and published by MYTONA on December 1, 2021. The core gameplay centers on four Survivors trying to escape one Killer by transforming into different objects, or props.

The game is currently available on Steam. If you already have Propnight but you’re experiencing frame rate issues, check out this guide on how to uncap the FPS on PC.

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