How to Skip the Intro in Halo Infinite (PC)

How to Skip the Intro in Halo Infinite (PC)

Are you tired of seeing the 20-second intro whenever you boot up Halo Infinite on PC? What about the startup sequence video that lasts for almost two minutes? Guess what, you can remove both of these videos just by following this simple guide.

All you need is a fully installed copy of Halo Infinite on your Steam library. You can download it for free, and play the multiplayer mode for free. The campaign, however, requires a separate transaction.

STEP 1: Close Halo Infinite if you have it running

This is important! Do not continue this guide if the game is still open or else it might crash harder than the Pillar of Autumn on Installation 04.

STEP 2: Go to the game’s installation folder

You can browse the local Steam files on Halo Infinite with just a few clicks in your library.

Launch your Steam library and right-click on Halo Infinite. Select Properties and then Local Files. Click Browse to open Windows File Explorer and you should be right inside the game’s installation folder.

STEP 3: Backup the files in the videos folder

Double-click the videos folder and you should see four media files inside. Create a new folder inside videos and name it “backup” or anything you want. This is just a safety precaution. Drag the following files into the backup folder:

  • intro.mp4
  • Startup_Sequence_Loading.mp4

STEP 4: Launch Halo Infinite

Now play the game and see if it crashes right during startup. If this happens, move the two media files in STEP 3 out of the backup folder and into their original location (videos).

Drag only intro.mp4 to the backup folder and leave the other outside. Re-launch Halo Infinite and see if it crashes again. If the game continues to run, then close it again. This time, copy the Startup_Sequence_Loading.mp4 file into your backup folder.

Enjoy Halo Infinite without the 343 logo that pops up in the intro. You just saved yourself a few precious seconds, which is important if your game takes a long time to load.

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One thought on “How to Skip the Intro in Halo Infinite (PC)

  1. Nothing makes this game get passed the BLACK SCREEN on launch. I have done EVERYTHING every guide every thing EVERYTHING hell im on my 5th reinstall hoping.
    343 can suck a fat one and Microsoft can join in for allowing 343 to do this toHalo


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