How to Move Faster in Ready or Not

How to Move Faster in Ready or Not

This guide will help you how to get a slight movement speed boost in Ready or Not (PC). It’s not sprinting or running, but at least it makes you move a little faster if you need to.

Ready or Not is a tactical first-person shooter (FPS) game developed and published by VOID Interactive on December 17, 2021. In many ways, the game is a spiritual successor to SWAT 4, a popular tactical FPS released in 2005.

How to Change the Controls in Ready or Not

All you have to do is edit one hotkey and you’re set.

STEP 1: Launch the game and navigate to Options

Ready or Not is a tactical FPS developed and published by Void Interactive.

Boot up the game and click on Options from the main menu.

STEP 2: Go to the Interaction panel

Ready or Not lets you change the controls for "running" in the Interaction panel of Options.

Click on the Controls tab and find the Interaction panel at the top of the screen.

STEP 3: Edit the “LOW-READY” hotkey

You can edit the key binds for movement, equipment, interaction, and teamwork in Ready or Not.

Scroll down the Interactions panel and you will find two controls, HOLD LOW-READY and TOGGLE LOW-READY. “Hold” means that you must keep pressing down the key to activate the effect, while “Toggle” means you only need to press the key once to enable or disable it.

Change the binding of either one to the SHIFT key so it’s easier to reach it during gameplay. In Ready or Not, SHIFT is the default key for Walk, so you need to assign another key for that if you want to follow this guide.

What happens if you activate Low-Ready?

Your SWAT operator moves around with his gun pointed forward by default.

In Ready or Not, your weapon is up and pointed forward by default. You can call this "high ready-mode".

Enabling LOW-READY means that you will be moving around with your weapon pointed down.

Low hold-ready mode gives you a slight movement speed boost at the expense of being able to aim and shoot your weapon.

You will also notice that your operator moves a bit faster with his weapon pointed towards the ground. Try listening to his footsteps, and you can hear a change in pace.

When should you use Low-Ready mode?

The speed boost is minimal, but it helps when you need to move around quickly in an area that your team has already cleared.

LOW-READY also looks better for role-playing purposes, or if you want to take a screenshot without your weapon in the way.

The effect also works on AI-controlled operators or Bots. If they are far away and you call them to follow you, hold the assigned key and they will move towards you in LOW-READY mode.

The only downside to LOW-READY is that you cannot aim and shoot while it is enabled.

Always move in a slow and methodical pace in Ready or Not. You never know when a suspect is hiding in a corner.

There is a reason why the developers do not let you truly sprint in this game. Ready or Not teaches you to plan your actions carefully instead of making hasty decisions. One wrong move will lead to the death of your teammates, the hostages, or yourself.

So always make sure that the path is clear before you start running around with your weapon down!

Ready Or Not is currently available in Steam as an Early Access title. Follow VOID Interactive on Twitch or Twitter for the latest updates on this game.

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