How to Unlock Higher Resolution and FPS in Monster Hunter Rise (PC)

How to Unlock Higher Resolution and FPS in Monster Hunter Rise (PC)

Follow this guide if you want to enjoy higher-quality cutscenes in Monster Hunter Rise. CAPCOM locked the game’s cutscenes to 100% resolution and 30 FPS, no matter how you adjust the settings.

All you need is to download and install two mods to unlock the game’s frame rate and upsample the resolution to 150% and beyond. These changes affect not only the cutscenes but the entire game. Read on!

STEP 1: Download the necessary mods

You must first download REFramework and RiseTweaks from Nexus Mods.

Note: On January 21, 2022, CAPCOM released an update for Monster Hunter Rise that rendered the old version of RiseTweaks broken.

STEP 2: Install these mods for Monster Hunter Rise


  • Extract the contents of the REFramework .zip file (dinput8.dll) into your Monster Hunter Rise installation folder.


  • Select the RiseTweaks autorun folder and extract its contents to the game’s installation directory.

STEP 3: Edit the value for FPS and resolution

  • Open the RiseTweaks.lua file from the mod folder using Notepad.
  • Search for “desiredFPS” and “desiredQuality” (without quotes) in the RiseTweaks.lua file. Use Ctrl+F to find them more quickly.
  • Edit the value of desiredFPS depending on your desired frame rate. 60 is the most common choice.
  • The desiredQuality line allows you to upsample the resolution of Monster Hunter Rise. A value of 1 means 100% resolution. You can change it to 1.5 (150% resolution), 2 (if you want 200%), and so on. However, there is no point in going beyond value 2 since it won’t make a noticeable difference in the game.
  • Save before you close the RiseTweaks.lua file to apply your changes.

STEP 4: Launch Monster Hunter Rise

Now you can watch the cutscenes in Monster Hunter Rise with uncapped FPS and higher than 100% resolution. Remember, these mods do not violate the game’s Denuvo anti-piracy policy. Using them is not considered cheating either. That means you can safely use them to enhance your in-game experience.

Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth entry in the Monster Hunter series of action role-playing games developed and published by CAPCOM. It is available for Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

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