How to Transfer Your Steam Profile from HITMAN 2 to HITMAN 3 (PC)

How to Transfer Your Steam Profile from HITMAN 2 to HITMAN 3 (PC)

Learn how to carry over your existing player profile from HITMAN 2 to the Steam version of HITMAN 3. Your profile includes current XP, suits, items, and all unlocks. This guide still works even if you already carried over your progress in the Epic Games Store version of the game.

STEP 1: Create an IOI Account.

Click here to visit the IO Interactive official website. If you already have an IOI Account, skip to Step 3.

STEP 2: Launch HITMAN 2 in Steam.

Run the game and log in to the menu to update your existing player profile. Then you can safely close the game.

STEP 3: Open HITMAN 3 on Steam.

Launch the game and log in to your IOI account.

STEP 4: Follow the steps for Progression Carryover.

IOI has an official page for the HITMAN 3 carryover process, which you can find here. This is why you need to have an IOI Account. Just follow the steps until the process is complete. This support article can also help you along the way.

NOTE: Make sure to choose Steam in both the source and target accounts.

STEP 5: Choose PC/Steam during the transfer.

Progression carryover has four options to choose from:

  1. HITMAN 2 (PlayStation) to HITMAN 3 (PlayStation)
  2. HITMAN 2 (Xbox) to HITMAN 3 (Xbox and PC/Windows)
  3. HITMAN 2 (PC/Steam) to HITMAN 3 (PC/Epic)
  4. HITMAN 2 (PC/Steam to HITMAN 3 (PC/Steam)

Select the fourth option, the one that has PC/Steam for both the source and the target.

Your existing profile can only be carried over to the same platform once. However, there is one exception according to IOI.

If you already transferred your HITMAN 2 Steam profile to HITMAN 3 on Epic Games (option 3 above), then you can still use progression carryover from HITMAN 2 to HITMAN 3 on Steam.

For more information, check out this support article from IOI.

STEP 6: Play HITMAN 3 with your existing profile.

Now you can enjoy HITMAN 3 with everything that you unlocked from HITMAN 2. If you carried over your player profile from HITMAN 1 to HITMAN 2, then all your previous unlocks will also be there.

HITMAN 3 is the third and final entry to the World of Assassination trilogy developed by IO Interactive.

HITMAN 3 is the third installment of the World of Assassination trilogy. This series started with HITMAN 1 (2016) and will finally end with this game.

However, IOI stated that this will not be the last time that you get to play as Agent 47. Let’s just hope that future HITMAN games won’t have their missions aren’t separated into DLCs like this trilogy.

HITMAN 3 is a third-person stealth RPG developed and published by IO Interactive A/S. It was first released as an Epic Games exclusive on January 20, 2021. The Steam version of the game was released exactly one year later.

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