NBA 2K22 2KTV Episode 18 Quiz Answers

NBA 2K22 2KTV Episode 18 Quiz Answers

Get a perfect score in Episode 18 of the NBA 2K22 2KTV quiz by choosing the correct answers for all questions.

The NBA 2K22 2KTV features gameplay tips, player interviews, behind-the-scenes clips, and other basketball-related content. Each episode of 2KTV is around 15 minutes long, and several questions pop up while playing. Each question you answer correctly gives you 100-200 Virtual Currency (VC).

How to Access NBA 2KTV

Launch the game and go to the main menu. Next, you should select the 2K TV option on the botto right of the screen. Here you can watch all available episodes.

Episode 18 Answer Key

  1. January 8
  2. (Any Answer)
  3. (Any Answer)
  4. 7
  5. (Any Answer)
  6. (Any Answer)
  7. (Any Answer)
  8. (Any Answer)
  9. (Any Answer)
  10. (Any Answer)
  11. 3
  12. 2008
  13. Tim Hardaway
  14. Dwayne Wade
  15. (Any Answer)

How to Answer Questions in NBA 2K22 2KTV

Choose the correct button prompt to lock in your answer. A green check mark will appear if you answered correctly, and you will receive free VC. You will get a red X mark if you chose the wrong answer. The questions will only stay on the screen for 12 seconds, so stay alert and react quickly.

When Do New 2KTV Episodes Appear?

A new episode is released on Friday, 4PM PT every week. Mark your calendars!

Did you miss one? Visit the NBA 2K22 2KTV Archive for the complete list of episodes and the answers to their questions.

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