How to Unlock All Dawning 2021 Ingredients and Recipes in Destiny 2

How to Unlock All Dawning 2021 Ingredients and Recipes in Destiny 2

The Dawning has returned in Destiny 2. This special event lets players collect holiday-themed ingredients from various enemy types and combine them to make out-of-this-world goodies. You can then give these treats to different NPCs in the game in exchange for loot.

This guide will teach players where to acquire the ingredients, how to unlock all the recipes, and which NPCs accept these gifts. There’s a lot of them, so we’ll get straight to the point.

How to start the Dawning Event

Eva Levante returns to the Tower for the Dawning 2021 event in Destiny 2,

Proceed to Eva Levante in the Tower. She will give you the Holiday Oven so you can start baking some recipes. Each recipe requires two ingredients and 15 Essence of Dawning.

List of all ingredients for Dawning 2021

There are two kinds of ingredients, uncommon and rare. Uncommon ingredients can get be acquired by killing enemy types (e.g. Cabal). On the other hand, rare ingredients drop by using a specific method (e.g. weapons, grenades) to kill an enemy. Below is a table of all the Dawning 2021 ingredients and their sources.

Balanced FlavorsScout Rifles, Sniper Rifles or Bows kills
Bullet SpraySMG, Auto Rifles, or LMG kills
Cabal Oil Cabal kills
Chitin Powder Hive kills
Dark Ether Cane Scorn kills
Dark FrostingStasis kills
Delicious Explosion Grenades, Rocket Launcher, or Grenade Launcher kills
Electric Favor Arc kills
Ether Cane Fallen kills
Finishing Touch Finisher kills
Flash of InspirationGenerate orbs of power
Impossible Heat Solar kills
Multifaceted Flavors Multikills
Null Taste Void kills
Perfect TastePrecision kills
Personal Touch Melee kills
Pinch of LightCollect Orbs of Power
Sharp Flavor Sword kills
Superb TextureSuper kills
Taken ButterTaken kills
Vex MilkVex kills

List of all recipes for Dawning 2021

Almost all of the Dawning 2021 recipes are similar to the ones from previous years. Back then, you needed to combine the ingredients by trial-and-error method until you figure out the recipes.

Luckily, this is no longer the case. Whenever you get an ingredient that you never had before, the recipe where that ingredient can be used will be automatically revealed.

Ascendant Apple TartMara SovHELMTaken Butter, Sharp Flavor
Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin CookieErisMoonChitin Powder, Finishing Touch
Bittersweet BiscottiCrowHELM, Tangled ShoreDark Ether Cane, Balanced Flavors
Blueberry CrumblersShawn HanCosmodromeEther Cane, Bullet Spray
Bright-Dusted SnowballsTess EverisTowerChitin Powder, Multifaceted Flavour
Candy Dead GhostsSpiderTangled ShoreDark Ether Cane, Flash of Inspiration
Chocolate Ship CookieAmandaTowerCabal Oil, Null Taste
Classic Butter CookieEvaTowerTaken Butter, Superb Texture
Dark Chocolate MotesDrifterTowerTaken Butter, Null Taste
Eliksni BirdseedHawthorneTowerEther Cane, Personal Touch
Etheric ColdsnapsVariksEuropaChitin Powder, Electric Flavour
Gentleman ShortbreadDevrimEDZEther Cane, Perfect Taste
GjallerdoodleZavalaTowerVex Milk, Delicious Explosion
Ill-Fortune CookiesPetra VenjDreaming CityDark Ether Cane, Impossible Heal
Infinite Forest CakeFailsafeNessusVex Milk, Impossible Heat
Lavender Ribbon CookiesSaint-14TowerVex Milk, Personal Touch
Starwort ThinsExo StrangerEuropaDark Ether Cane, Dark Frosting
Strange CookiesXurEternityTaken Butter, Electric Flavor
Telemetry TapiocaBanshee-44TowerVex Milk, Bullet Spray
Thousand Layer CookiesRivenLast Wish RaidTaken Butter, Delicious Explosion
Traveler Donut HolesIkoraTowerCabal Oil, Flash of Inspiration
Vanilla BladesLord ShaxxTowerCabal Oil, Sharp Flavor

Unlock all recipes so you can Masterwork your Holiday Oven. The upgraded oven decreases the Essence of Dawning requirement for each recipe from 15 to 10.

Where to get Essence of Dawning

The Essence of Dawning can drop from pretty much any activity in the game. Currently, the fastest way to farm them is by doing Wrathborn Hunts (use Prey Mod: Savek) and Legend Lost Sectors—get a fireteam so you can clear them more quickly. The Essence of Dawning also drops after completing playlist activities, which you need to do anyway to charge up the Cryptolith Lure for Wrathborn Hunts.

How long is the Dawning 2021 event?

The Dawning started on December 14, 2021 and will end on January 4, 2022.

The Dawning event in Destiny 2 always comes with a special holiday-themed aesthetic for the Tower.

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