How to Play Dares of Eternity in Destiny 2

How to Play Dares of Eternity in Destiny 2

Here is a complete walkthrough for Dares of Eternity, the new 6-man offensive in Destiny 2 released as part of Bungie’s 30th Anniversary. You can still play this activity if you do not have the DLC, but some rewards will not be available.

Step 1: Start the Activity

The game will automatically start Dares of Eternity if you play for the first time after the December 7th update. If you went back to Orbit instead, head over to the Destinations tab and find Eternity to the right of the Tower.

Here you can find three choices. The Dares of Eternity activity is found in the middle. This, along with Xur’s Treasure Hoard, can be accessed by all players during the event. However, the Grasp of Avarice dungeon is only available for those who purchased the 30th Anniversary Pack.

Dares of Eternity recommends a base power level of 1150, which means even New Light players are welcome to join. This activity will also have all kinds of Champions, so you make sure to equip the right mods.

Choose Legend mode if you want a challenge, or a chance to get Enhancement Prisms after completion. Take note that Legend mode does not have matchmaking.

Step 2: Complete the First Dare of Eternity

The activity drops you in front of a portal. Enter and you will find yourself in the first encounter, a snow-covered map full of enemies. Clear them out to begin the first Dare.

Each Dare starts with your fireteam spinning the Wheel of Adversity. This determines which enemy you will be facing—Cabal, Fallen, Hive, Scorn, Taken, or Vex.

The first encounter consists of two stages. Defeat all enemies, and then complete a specific objective depending on the enemy type.

Cabal: Defeat the Cabal Commanders

The Cabal enemies will arrive via drop pods. Kill the Bombtenders and they will drop Dare Cores. Throw these explosive balls at the Cabal Commanders of Eternity to destroy their shields. Then it’s just a matter of eliminating the Commanders to complete the encounter.

Hive: Destroy the Hive Crystals

Destroy Hive Crystals using the Ruinous Resonance buff in Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity.

There will be dozens of Hive minions, including special Knights known as Xur’s Wellkeepers. Kill these Knights to spawn Hive Wells, which gives you the Ruinous Resonance buff when you step on them. Once you have this buff, shoot the Hive Crystals until they are all destroyed.

Fallen: Defuse the Fallen Mines

Defuse Fallen mines and defeat the boss Brig in one of the encounters for Dares of Eternity.

Just like that one encounter in the Warden of Nothing strike, you must defuse all the bombs scattered around the map. A Fallen Brig is guarding each bomb, and hordes of Resilient Shanks will attack you.

Taken: Destroy the Taken Blight

Throw Paracausal Energy to destroy the Taken Blight in one of the encounters for Dares of Eternity.

Kill the giant Taken Minotaurs called Paracausal Contestants, and they will drop energy orbs called Paracausal Energy. Pick up these orbs and throw them at the Taken Blight floating above the arena to destroy it.

Vex: Destroy the Gatekeepers

Your fireteam must defeat the Vex Gatekeepers by first disabling their shields. Kill the Vex champions called Headbearers and they will drop Void Craniums. These are special lasers that can penetrate the Gatekeepers’ shields so you can damage them with your weapons and abilities.

Watch out for pink-colored powerups around the map. Depending on the symbol, they give you increased movement, instant melee and class abilities, refreshed grenade ability, or bonus Super energy.

Collect power pickups to boost mobility, discipline, or intellect in Dares of Eternity.

After you complete the first encounter, proceed forward until you come across a huge gravity beam.

It takes a few tries to time you jump perfectly so that the beam will launch you directly inside the top entrance. Inside is a short obstacle course that you must complete without falling to get Starhorse’s Favor, a buff that grants you Heavy ammo regen.

Step 3: Complete the Second Dare of Eternity

The mechanics of the second encounter are similar to the first one. Spin the Wheel of Adversity and find out which opponent you will have to face next. But unlike the first Dare, this one has more total enemies and a boss that you must defeat at the end.

After completing this stage, your fireteam has to choose between three doors. Step on the correct door to receive Starhorse’s Favor—make the wrong guess and you will get a penalty instead.

Step 3: Complete the Final Dare of Eternity

The final boss depends on the door that you chose earlier. The location and mechanics are different, but the blueprint is the same—clear the enemies and take down the boss shields to activate the damage phase.

Vex: Defeat Zydron the Gate Lord

First, your fireteam must avoid Zydron’s Walls of Detainment. If you touch any of these walls, you will get trapped inside a force shield that you must shoot to destroy.

After clearing a wave of Vex, two special enemies called Xur’s Keybreakers will spawn around the map. Kill them to break the Gate Lord’s shields and the damage phase will begin. Repeat this sequence until Zydron is defeated.

Hive: Defeat Crota, Son of Oryx

Defeat Crota, Son of Oryx in Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity.

Ready to kill Crota again? You need to utilize Sword Logic, similar to an encounter in the Pit of Heresy dungeon. Hive minibosses called Crota’s Swordbearers will spawn around the map. Kill them and pick up their dropped swords to smash the boss’ shield.

Crota will continue to summon Aspects of him, which you can only take down using the Hive swords. If you see an Edgekeeper, use it to deal bonus damage against Crota.

Cabal: Defeat Valus Ta’aurc, Dares Champion

Valus Tau'aurc is the Cabal final boss in Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity.
Valus Ta’aurc waits for your fireteam in the middle of an open arena. When he is damaged enough, he will form a force shield.

Twelve special Cabal Commanders known called Siegebringers will arrive on the scene. Destroy all of them and a fleet of Cabal Thresher dropships will arrive.

Destroy a Cabal Thresher in Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity.

Shoot down one of them and several Dare Cores will drop. Throw these balls at each of the two Shield Generators near the boss and the barrier will be destroyed.

Throw a Dare Core at a shield generator to destroy it in Destiny 2 Dares of Eternity.

All you have to do at this point is to eliminate Valus Ta’uarc once and for all.

At the end of this Dare, Xur and Starhorse will decide if your fireteam can play the Lightning Round. If luck is on your side, then a new encounter will begin. Otherwise, the activity will end, and you can claim your rewards.

Use Treasure Keys to Open Reward Chests

Collect Treasure Keys in Destiny 2 by completing Dares of Eternity, strikes, crucible and gambit matches, heroic public events, and bounties.

Complete a Dares of Eternity run to earn Treasure Keys. You can use these to unlock the reward chest found in Xur’s Treasure Hoard.

Xur's Treasure Hoard is a new public space where players can open chests, buy Starhorse bounties. and claim rewards from the mysterious Agent of the Nine.

You can return to this place anytime to open chests, visit Xur, or buy bounties from Starhorse. All players will also have a different third-person stance inside this non-combat zone. Your weapons are drawn but pointed downwards—a fresh change from the Tower where they are always holstered.

Collect Strange Coins for Starhorse

Strange Coins are a returning currency from Destiny 1. In Destiny 2, they are used to claim Exotic rewards and buy Starhorse bounties.

Long-time players will be glad to hear that Strange Coins are returning to the game. This currency is used to buy bounties from Starhorse. Complete the bounty’s objectives in one run, or else the progress will reset. Strange Coins drop every time you complete a single Dares of Eternity run.

Dares of Eternity will stick around throughout even after Witch Queen launches on February 22, 2022. You can also get free items from the Eververse and the Exotic Archive during this time.

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