How to Change Your Server Region in Halo Infinite for PC

How to Change Your Server Region in Halo Infinite for PC

This guide will teach you the steps needed to manually edit the game files so you can matchmake on select servers so you can experience fewer connectivity issues.

Halo Infinite multiplayer does not let you select your preferred server regions in-game when it first launched on November 15th, 2021. There is a way to bypass this when you’re playing on PC, but not on consoles.

Step 1: Open Notepad as administrator.

If you don’t have a shortcut on your desktop, just type “Notepad” in your search bar, right-click on the app, and select “Run as Administrator”.

Step 2. Find and Open the “Hosts” Files

In your Notepad, click on File in the upper left-hand corner of the screen or use the shortcut CTRL+O.

Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open the hosts file. If you cannot see it in the results, it’s because Notepad opens Text Documents (.txt) by default. That’s why you should set the file type filter in the bottom-right corner to All Files, as shown below.

Step 3. Edit the “Hosts” File

Add the following lines to the hosts file. Each entry is a server region, and if you add it to the file then it means you cannot play on that server.

For example, you only want to play games in the West US server region. Add all the entries mentioned above to the hosts file, except for the following:

Step 4: Save the file

Save your changes in Notepad and close the file. Now launch Halo Infinite and enjoy future matchmade games in your preferred server region.

Are you still having trouble at this point? This YouTube video from Der Krazy Kraut might help.

One thought on “How to Change Your Server Region in Halo Infinite for PC

  1. Thank you for making this so easy to follow & attempting to help people improve their in-game experience! Just a note, as a PNW (Washington) player who coincidentally wanted the exact servers that were used as an example in this guide, doing so will actually just disallow you from searching for a game entirely with a message above the matchmaking button that tells your game can’t ping a server.

    Again, I appreciate that this exists though because hopefully it works for others, I’m just bummed it didn’t work for me- I normally only play Tactical Slayer & matches with a latency of above 30 ms are simply unfun. I find it unacceptable to be dropped into an 80 – 100 ms match simply because the QOL feature to specify server regions doesn’t exist, what a stupid oversight that is on their part.


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