Titan Quest: Eternal Embers Overview

Titan Quest: Eternal Embers Overview

Titan Quest players are in for a treat with the latest DLC named Eternal Embers. This classic Action Role-Playing Game (ARPG) has been around since 2006, but the developers continue to surprise its fans with a whole new expansion pack.

So what’s new in this latest Titan Quest DLC? This article will summarize all the important things you need to know.

Play an Original Quest Line

Titan Quest Eternal Embers contains four entire Acts and 15 side quests.

Eternal Embers is chock-full of content. You get a whole new storyline that spans four Acts, along with 15 side missions. As an added twist, the campaign can only be played on Legendary difficulty. A perfect challenge for veterans of ARPGs.

Your character—known as the Hero—has been called by Emperor Yao to head back East. A demonic presence has been terrorizing the lands after you killed the Telkine there. And in true ARPG fashion, you will have to kill thousands of monsters to reach that ancient evil.

Learn A New Mastery

The Neidan is the 11th mastery introduced in Titan Quest.

Eternal Embers introduces players to the game’s 11th Mastery, the Neidan. Based on a mystical alchemist, this playstyle gives you an arsenal of abilities and concoctions to defeat large groups of enemies. The addition of one more Mastery to the nine already in the base game, plus one more from the Ragnarok DLC, gives you another reason to return to Titan Quest.

Over 30 New Enemies and Bosses

Titan Quest Eternal Embers gives you more than 30 monsters and bosses to slay.

Test your weapons and skills against new foes based on exotic creatures and deities of Far Eastern legends.

More Weapons and Gear

Of course, DLC for a looter game like Titan Quest is not complete without new loot. Eternal Embers adds dozens of new Oriental-themed weapons and armor that can aid you in your quest. You can also find new charms and relics that will improve your gear.

New Gameplay Mechanics

Titan Quest Eternal Embers shakes up the original gameplay by adding 7 potion types and a new mechanic.

This expansion pack adds 7 new potion types that boost different stats during combat. They share a different cooldown with scrolls and mana/health potions to keep things interesting. Use them to turn the tide of battle in your favor. It’s about time that this old-school game modifies its gameplay to keep things fresh.

Technical Enhancements

Titan Quest Eternal Embers contains minor enhancements to overall performance and audio quality.

Kudos to the people at Iron Lore Entertainment for continuing to optimize their 15-year-old game for modern systems. With Eternal Embers, you’ll experience better performance and rendering, as well as faster loading near dungeons. Tired of playing play Titan Quest on mouse and keyboard? The good news is that the game now fully supports gamepad controls.

TQ Editor Improvements

Players who love using the Titan Quest Editor will be pleased with these added features:

  • improved object selection
  • direct object scaling
  • direct collision toggling
  • direct shadow rendering
  • direct preview of audio files
  • rotation and replacement tools
  • fixed some palette issues
  • new and improved dynamic audio
  • UI improvements
  • additional shortcuts
  • more stable Art Manager

Titan Quest: Eternal Embers is the fourth expansion after Immortal Throne, Atlantis, and Ragnarok. This DLC was released on December 3rd, 2021 with a limited-time 10% discount. Check it out on SteamEpic Games Store, and GOG

Titan Quest Eternal Embers is the fourth major DLC developed by Iron Lore Entertainment.

If you’re a longtime Titan Quest player or ARPG fan in general, then it’s a good time to re-install the game.

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