New World Character Transfer Guide

New World Character Transfer Guide

New World, the first MMORPG developed and published by Amazon Studios, finally lets you move your character from one server to another. This feature has been anticipated for a long time by players who wanted to change between servers and worlds so they can join their friends. This is a quick guide on how to successfully transfer your character between worlds.

How to Use Character Transfer in New World

  • Log in to your account. Pray to the gaming gods that waiting queues are not that long.
  • Go to the New World in-game store and claim your free Character Transfer Token.
  • If you are a member of a Company, you must leave it.
  • Remove all active buy orders and sell orders in your Trading Post.
  • Make sure your character is in a sanctuary—any outpost or settlement works.

What Do You Keep When You Transfer

  • Your entire character progression—levels, titles, weapon masteries, etc.
  • All of your gold.
  • All active quest progress.
  • All your items in storage and your inventory.
  • All of your houses, including their decorations.

What Do You Lose When You Transfer

  • The friends list in your former world. Make sure to say your farewells, unless they transfer with you.
  • Your active Company membership, if you have one—too bad there’s no severance pay!
  • All active buy orders and sell orders in the Trading Post.

Where Can You Transfer Your Character

You can move to any world in your current region, but there are exceptions to this rule.

  • If you have another character in a different world, you cannot move another character there.
  • If a world is under maintenance, you cannot transfer there until the maintenance period is complete.
  • If the world you want to transfer to is full, then you cannot move there.

How Many Times Can You Transfer in New World

  • Each world transfer requires a Character Transfer Token.
  • Your first character transfer is free.
  • Succeeding transfers require another toke. These are available in-store at a future date.
New World is giving out one free Character Transfer Token to every player.

According to Amazon Studios, they have a team that keeps track of queue times, world populations and queue times. They might give out another batch of free transfer tokens if the need arises. That means you have plenty of time to decide where to transfer your character if needed. However, the developers might decide to charge everyone for future character transfers. So if you’re playing with friends, it’s time to discuss which world you want to join so no one wastes their precious tokens!

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