How to Get the Gambler’s Palm Sparrow in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost

How to Get the Gambler’s Palm Sparrow in Destiny 2: Season of the Lost

The Gambler’s Palm is the personal ride of Cayde-6, one of the most beloved characters in Destiny 2. This rare Legendary sparrow is only obtainable by players who own the Forsaken DLC.

Destiny 2: Forsaken will be officially sunset on February 22, 2022 according to Bungie’s DCV update. This is the same date that the Witch Queen expansion will launch, marking the start of Year 5. For those who do not own Forsaken yet, don’t worry—Bungie will make the DLC free to play starting December 7, 2021.

The Forsaken campaign begins in the Tangled Shore and ends in the Dreaming City. Although Bungie confirmed that the Dreaming City will still be available in Year 5, the Tangled Shore will be vaulted. That means you can no play the Forsaken story missions—one of the best campaigns that Bungie ever made for Destiny.

That means you have until February 2022 to get the Cayde’s unique Legendary sparrow, because there is no guarantee that you can obtain it in Year 5. Unless of course, Bungie puts it for sale in the Monument of Lost Lights.

The Gambler's Palm is a unique Legendary sparrow in Destiny 2.

When Forsaken first launched in 2018, the original way to get the Gambler’s Palm was to Complete wanted escapee bounties for the Spider.

Bungie adjusted the requirements when the Destiny Content Vault removed all of Year 1 and most of Year 2. The Gambler’s Palm no longer drops from Spider’s wanted bounties. If you have not yet obtained this unique sparrow and want to do so before Forsaken is vaulted, you need to play (or replay) the Forsaken story missions.

How to Play the Forsaken Campaign

  • Create a new character.
  • Go to the Tangled Shore map.
  • Click on the “Last Call” mission icon.

But what if you already finished the campaign for all three characters? You can either delete one and start fresh, or join a friend who has not yet played the DLC story missions.

If you cannot find the Forsaken mission icon on your map, check the Quest Archive in the Tower beside the postmaster.

Where to Farm the Gambler’s Palm

There are two ways to get Cayde’s legendary sparrow. Patience is key because RNG comes into play.

Method 1: Hunt the Barons

Play the campaign until you finish the mission “Scorned“. At this point, the Baron Hunt missions begin:

  • Target: The Rider
  • Target: The Trickster
  • Target: The Mad Bomber
  • Target: The Hangman
  • Target: The Mindbender
  • Target: The Rifleman
  • The Machinist

The Gambler’s Palm can drop randomly from any of these missions. You must kill the the Scorned Barons until they drop two purple engrams. One of these is the standard reward, a legendary piece of armor. The second engram takes a bit of luck, and this will either be the Great Beyond ship or the *drumroll* Gambler’s Palm sparrow. The Great Beyond is also an exclusive drop in this campaign, so you should try to get it too.

If you are already at The Mad Bomber and the sparrow has not dropped yet, you can take advantage of a checkpoint. This particular mission does not end yet after you kill the Mad Bomber, so you can return to orbit and replay the mission if the sparrow did not drop. It takes roughly five minutes to speed through the mission until you reach the boss.

Method 2: Kill the Fanatic

The Fanatic is the eighth and final Scorned baron. He is a part of “Nothing Left to Say“, which is the final story mission of Forsaken. Simply play through the mission until you face the Fanatic in front of the Dreaming City’s entrance. Once you kill him, watch out for the purple engram drops. If there are two, chances are one them is either the Gambler’s Palm or the Great Beyond.

Do not advance past this point, or else the mission will end. If that happens then you have no choice but to restart the entire campaign—by deleting one of your characters and creating a new one.

Nothing Left to Say is the final story mission in the Forsaken campaign of Destiny 2.

If you did not get the sparrow, quickly go back to orbit and replay the mission. You will spawn right at the start of the Fanatic fight thanks to the checkpoint. Keep killing him until the Gambler’s Palm finally drops.

Important Note: Every time you receive a legendary armor piece after killing any of the barons, DO NOT dismantle it. The game will not drop the same piece of armor as long as you already have it in your inventory. That means there is a higher chance for the Gambler’s Palm to drop on your next baron kill.

Gambler’s Palm Features

Cayde’s sparrow is of Legendary quality which has a fixed Tuned Drive perk and one random perk. Aside from being the personal ride of a memorable character, there is nothing special about the Gambler’s Palm. The one that drops from the baron missions only has 150 speed. If you want to get one with 160 speed, simply reacquire the sparrow from your Collections tab.

This is the personal sparrow used by the Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6.

There are tons of better sparrows-looking out there—shoutout to the Micro Mini—but The Gambler’s Palm is a symbol of Cayde-6 the Hunter Vanguard. He is one of the most well-loved characters in the Destiny universe, so having his sparrow in your collection is a nice way of memorializing him—especially since the Forsaken Campaign will be vaulted next year.

What’s Happening in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is currently in its 15th season, also known as Season of the Lost. The fifth expansion, Witch Queen, is one of the most anticipated DLCs in the game’s history. Stay tune for more updates on Bungie’s award-winning MMO-lite looter shooter.

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