War Mongrels Overview: A Real-Time Tactics Game Set in WWII

War Mongrels Overview: A Real-Time Tactics Game Set in WWII

War Mongrels is an isometric Real-Time Tactics (RTT) game developed by Destructive Creations. It officially launched last October 19, 2021 and received mostly positive reviews. The game is considered a worthy spiritual successor to the Commandos series created by Eidos Interactive.

There have been other popular RTT games in the past such as Desperados and Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. However, War Mongrels is the closest modern equivalent to Commandos since they are both set in World War Two (WWII).

Main Features of the War Mongrels

  • Challenge yourself in single player or invite a friend in co-op mode.
  • Learn history as you play. War Mongrels may be fiction, but many elements are inspired by true events.
  • Use stealth to accomplish most of your objects—and if your cover gets blown, use force to shoot your way out of the area!
  • Utilize your teams strengths. Each member has a unique background and skillset that complements the others.
  • Grim, dark atmosphere set in Poland during WWII. You will witness horrific events—and avoid some from happening if you’re quick enough.
  • Good replay value. There are many different ways to accomplish your missions. Try out different tactics and playstyles to see which ones are the most effective.
War Mongrels is a Real-Time Tactics (RTT) game set in the Eastern Front of WWII.

Sneak Across the Eastern Front

The game drops you in Poland during the year 1944. War Mongrels did an excellent job in capturing the war-torn country near the end of World War II. German soldiers are everywhere, and to make matters worse, the Soviets have also attacked. Your main priority is escape and evasion from everyone who sees you as a threat. There are different ways to distract enemies, so plan ahead and act wisely or else you’ll find yourself heavily outnumbered.

Sneak across war-torn cities to avoid capture or death at the hands of your enemies.

Choose Your Difficulty

War Mongrels has five difficulties for you to choose from. Are you new to RTT or have you mastered Commandos, Desperados, and other similar games? Pick the best difficulty that suits your skill level.

Easiest: For those who want to enjoy the story more than the mechanics. No friendly fire and enemies perform poorly at everything. Your characters have way more health and damage, and tutorials are available.

Easy: Your characters have double health and damage. Enemies are poor marksmen. There is no friendly fire.

Normal: The default setting for new players. No friendly fire, your enemies are lazy, and your characters are good at using weapons.

Hard: For experienced players. Friendly fire is active, enemies are aggressive, and there are no tutorials.

Challenge: Not for the faint of heart. Enemies will punish you for your mistakes. Friendly fire is enabled—and very fatal. This is the only difficulty that cannot be changed once the game begins. Challenges are also unlocked for those who want to go for achievements.

Unlock Collectibles and War Stories

Each chapter in War Mongrels has collectibles and war stories that you can collect. These are bonus items that give you more insight about what’s happening in the Eastern Front as WWII is nearing its end.

War Mongrels has excellent replay value because of multiple challenges and collectibles.

Where to Get War Mongrels

You can buy War Mongrels for PC on Steam and Epic Games. For console users, the game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Follow Creative Destructions on Discord, Twitch, and their social media platforms for future updates.

Do you have what it takes to survive and escape a war-torn land?

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