How to Zoom Camera in The Riftbreaker PC

How to Zoom Camera in The Riftbreaker PC

This is a quick guide on how to let PC players zoom their camera in The Riftbreaker, the new survival-action RPG game developed by EXOR Studios. The full version of this game was recently launched on Steam and gaming consoles last October 14, 2021. Read my quick summary of what the game is all about here.

The Riftbreaker is all about building a base and defending it from enemies using defense structures and a single robot warrior.

This game focuses a lot on base building and exploration, so your eyes have to be all over the map to manage your buildings and defenses. There’s also a lot of combat involved, where you use a Mecha-Suit—named Mr. Riggs—to fend of hundreds of enemies. It feels good to watch your enemies disintegrate thanks to your weapons arsenal. I’m talking about guns, lasers, explosives, even nukes. How cool would it be if you can see the carnage up-close?

There are dozens of different weapons available at your disposal in The Riftbreaker.

If you’re playing The Riftbreaker on PC, then there is actually a way to enable camera zoom. It only takes a few tweaks in-game using the console key. Trust me, it literally takes less than two minutes to do it—not counting the time it takes for you to launch the game, of course!

How to Enable Camera Zoom

  1. Launch The Riftbreaker
  2. Open the console using the ` key (tilde)
  3. Type the following command: camera_enable_zoom 1
  4. Press Enter
  5. Close the console (press ` again)

How to Zoom Your Camera

Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the map.

Your game might stutter—or even crash—if you abuse the zoom option too much. But that really depends on your PC, so give it a try at your own risk.

More About The Riftbreaker

In The Riftbreaker, you control one Mecha-Suit against thousands of alien forces.

Stay tune for more guides, news, and tips The Riftbreaker which will be posted here. For now, suit up and take Mr. Riggs out for a spin in the game. One of its best features is the richly detailed combat between your lone Mecha-Suit and the entire hostile wildlife of Galatea 37. Now you know how to see the action up close!

The Riftbreaker PC version is available for Steam and Epic Games users.

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