How to Redeem Codes in The Riftbreaker

How to Redeem Codes in The Riftbreaker

Have you tried playing The Riftbreaker? It’s the latest survival-action RPG game by EXOR Studios where you focus on base building, exploration, and fast-paced combat. Here is a quick rundown on the main features of this game. If you love tower defense, macro-management, and hack-and-slash elements, this game has all three of them.

Did you know that you can unlock free items in-game? They are only for cosmetic purposes, but at least you can customize your Mecha-Suit—also known as Mr. Riggs—with different skins. Here is a list of all the currently available codes.

List of Unlock Codes

AMDISTHEBEST: Unlocks the AMD cosmetic skin for Mr. Riggs

G2ARMYRULEZ: Unlocks the G2 cosmetic skin for Mr. Riggs

G2ARMYFTW: Unlocks the G2 Flag

G2WINS: Unlocks the G2 Floor

ILOVEINTEL: Unlocks the Intel cosmetic skin for Mr. Riggs

IREADABOUTIAMAWESOME: Skeleton-themed cosmetic skin for Mr. Riggs

These skins may not help defend your base, but at least your Mecha-Suit will look cool while doing so!

The Riftbreaker is a survival-ARPG with heavy emphasis on base building, combat, and exploration.

How to Redeem Codes in The Riftbreaker

  • Launch The Riftbreaker
  • Go to the Main Menu
  • Enter the code

You can now use the your new items the next time you load your game! This guide will be updated whenever additional codes will be revealed. If you want to see Mr. Riggs up close in these new skins, you can enable camera zoom in-game by following this guide.

The Riftbreaker PC version is available on Steam and Epic Games. Now go forth and rock those sweet new cosmetic items for your Mecha-Suit.

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