The Riftbreaker 1.0 is now Available on Steam

The Riftbreaker 1.0 is now Available on Steam

The Riftbreaker is a brand-new survival Action-RPG hybrid game that combines exploration, hack-and-slash, and base-building elements. It was developed by EXOR Studios four years ago and officially launched on Steam last October 14, 2021. Here is a quick run-down on what to expect from this action-packed game.

What is The Riftbreaker?

Take control of Captain Ashley S. Nowak, an elite scientist/commando inside a powerful Mecha-Suit she calls Mr. Riggs. You are sent to colonize a faraway planet named Galaeta 37. Since you entered a one-way portal, your mission is to build a base that will allow travel back to Earth. 

Sounds like an easy job, right? Especially since Mr. Riggs is equipped to survive the harshest environments known to man. You also have a wide array of tools to travel through portals, gather resources and specimens—and even engage in combat.

What’s the catch? Well, you just entered a previously unknown planet. There are a lot of enemies waiting—and we mean a lot.

The Riftbreaker Gameplay Features

Do you like games that involve strategic thinking, like base building or tower defense? How about never-ending combat and exploration? If you do, then The Riftbreaker is a must-try. It has all the elements we mentioned above!

Build a Base—and Keep it Safe

The Riftbreaker is a survival game at heart, mixed with action-RPG element, exploration, crafting, and base building.

Your priority is to construct a portal that allows back-and-forth travel between Earth and Galatea 37. That means you need plenty of resources to build mines, power plants, research facilities, and refineries. You also have to keep the planet’s hostile inhabitants at bay. Build a defense network around your base to hold off enemies until the portal is complete. 

Explore the Unknown

Explore Galatea 37 by uncovering resource locations, collecting specimens for research, and retrieving valuable artifacts.

Take the opportunity to learn more about Galatea 37 while your base is building. Hop in Mr. Riggs and survey your surroundings. Find the perfect places to mine resources and study the planet’s local wildlife. You can also build outposts to transport the gathered resources via rift technology. Keep an eye out for rare artifacts with unique properties!

Do Some Crafting and Research—Lots of It

Gather enough specimens and artifacts to unlock new research for base improvement and crafting new weapons.

The Riftbreaker offers many ways to improve your base, defenses, and even Mr. Riggs. Gather samples from slain enemies and study them to create blueprints. Use these blueprints to research new technologies or improve existing ones. Customize your Mecha-Suit based to become more efficient at exploration and combat.

Attack and Defend

The Riftbreaker throws you in the middle of an unknown planet, so expect heavy resistance from the local hostile wildlife.

No one expects you to arrive at Galatea 37, which means your presence is not welcome among its inhabitants. Hostile creatures will try to attack the most vulnerable parts of your base—which is why you must build an effective defense system. You have towers, mazes, traps, walls, and gates at your disposal. Change your strategy based on your opponents’ movements. The longer you stay at Galatea 37, the more powerful opponents will be attacking you.

Mr. Riggs, your Mecha-Suit, is armed to the teeth with blades, guns, explosives, and even nuclear weapons.

The Riftbreaker also features explosive hack-and-slash gameplay. Use Mr. Riggs to wreak havoc on the enemy while your base defenses protect the portal. Your weapons arsenal includes lasers, rockets, flamethrowers, blades—even nukes! The more research you unlock, the more weapons you can access to defeat the more powerful enemies.

What’s Next in The Riftbreaker?

The Riftbreaker 1.0 is now live on all gaming platforms.

EXOR Studios announced that they will be introducing more content to The Riftbreaker in future updates. Stay tune for more information by visiting their website. The game is now available for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation systems.

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